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The ThreeRedTrees [3RT] token is the tokenisation effort of Three Red Trees Holdings Ltd and as a stablecoin, backed and represented by the unencumbered assets of the gold property claims staked in British Columbia, Canada. Holding these tokens grant investors direct access to the specific and actual gold claim property assets of Three Red Trees Holdings.


Using Etherum’s decentralised finance (DeFi) crypto-system, these gold property claims linked non-fungible tokens (NFTs) represent stakeholders and our shareholders’ rights to these gold assets. And these tokens can be traded, exchanged on a transparent and open sourced system that operates on a 24/7 basis, is never blocked and secured privately with the use of an online wallet that is controlled by 1 person, you - the owner.


To find out more about Ethereum
Why decentralization matters?




Ethereum for the enterprise?


The Ethereum Blockchain applications help businesses:


. Increase trust and reduce the cost of coordination between business parties
I.e. with your wallet, you know exactly where your tokens are, and precisely the representative shares of the Three Red Trees gold claim property assets you hold


. Improve business network accountability and operational efficiency
I.e. the transparent and open communication between the company and the stakeholders & shareholders


. Build new business models and value creation opportunities
I.e. These 3RT tokens in future may become the “internet of assets” where with their value recognised, through other independent 3rd party DeFi dapps, be used to take out a loan or even used as investment securities.


. Competitively future-proof their organization
All these help traditional “old economy” company like us miners, move into the new “Ethereum 2.0” the “internet of things”.


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The REAL world


To see how the World Economic Forum talks about <How blockchain technology is fixing payments today and what comes next>:

* Blockchain technologies are connecting global financial systems so they are easily interoperable, efficient, affordable and accessible.

* This can reduce the cost and time of cross-border payments.

* Confidence in blockchain technologies are rising as more governments and businesses invest in these areas


DAVOS WEF 2022: TerraUSD collapse will " probably be the end" of most algorithmic stablecoins.


With Three Red Trees Holdings Ltd ever expanding our property portfolio, and expanding into proving and mining the yield-rich gold claims, we have to also upgrade our interconnectivity with the financial world (both traditional and ever growing digital frontier) to help increase availability for project financing, giving us more competitive opportunities to benefit from the vibrancy of the new financial crypto-world.


THIS ThreeRedTrees [3RT] token, while on the ERC2.0 DeFi space, remains privately maintained through the use of secure wallets. For clarity, the 3RT token, is not listed on any cryptocurrency exchange for the time being; until we have assembled sufficient expertise to manage and appoint the right financial advisers that will help elevate our financial capabilities to be fully involved in the money market space. 3RT, a stablecoin backed by our gold property holdings.


2021 May 30 3RT Token Overview: Max Total Supply 217,000,000 ERC-20 token || [Minted 1,500,000]


2022 Mar 03 TRT has set aside 19.47 hectares of property as security asset to back 195,000 3RT tokens [Uniswap - ETH] as Proof of Concept.



At the [Swap] tab, click on the default eth/coin pair to search for 3RT token. Search using:


Token Name: ThreeRedTrees [3RT]

Token Contract Address: 0xE7b00E91A3bbAcB0eEcD03828bf333021ef7E0D0

To keep the token in your wallet (e.g. Metamask) do remember to log into your wallet account at Uniswap.


2022 MAY 3RT is listed on Nomics exchange!


TRT continues to remain passionate and completely involved in our core business of getting the gold.

TRT Milestone