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British Columbia Canada

Three Red Threes Holdings Ltd is a British Columbia, Canada FMC registered gold exploration and development company with over 15,000 hectares registered mineral claim property with ongoing exploratory placer and mineral projects. On ALICECREEK, 2022 RAB drilling program, we achieved Au-AA25/GRA21 from 14.2 to 293ppm and a outlier of 525ppm.

A. Potential Sites & Acquisitions - DONE
B. Geospatial and Satellite Images
C. Historical +Prelim Ground Studies - DONE
D. 2D Resistivity, VLF IP Geophysics Survey Geological / Bedrock mapping - DONE
E. Drilling, Trenching, Test Pit Mining - !GOLD!

British Columbia accounts for almost 12% of all Canada gold and Canada is ranked world #5 in gold production. Palaeoplacers gold is well known in the Cariboo Region with the first gold rush in 1860s and KPMG 2020 report - Canada has long been a dominant mining jurisdiction and the outlook remains positive and mining in Canada will remain an attractive environment for investment and prosperity in 2020 and beyond..


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